1. Trash. The Last Dance #setlist 12.30/3am

    Revolution    The Beatles
    Jungle Boogie     Kool & The Gang
    Busta Rhymes/Rump Shaker/Hotstepper    Jonny Trash MINIMIX
    Do You Love Me    The Contours
    Tainted Love    Gloria Jones
    At The Hop    Danny & The Juniors
    Last Night    The Strokes
    I Want Candy    Bow Wow Wow
    M82/Hot Chocolate/Adele    Jonny Trash MINIMIX
    Superstition (Re-Edit Mix )    Stevie Wonder
    I Want You Back    The Jackson 5
    Some Kind Of Wonderful    Soul Brothers Six
    Hard to Handle    Patti Drew
    Jump Around/Da FUNK/I don’t feel like D/Walk this way    Jonny Trash MINIMIX
    You Can Do it.ass/biggy.Going Back To cali/G Thang.snoop/ return of the MAC/Sure Shot    Jonny Trash MINIMIX
    You Can’t Hurry Love    Diana Ross And The Supremes
    Wake Me Up Before You Go Go    Wham!
    Suspicious Minds    Elvis Presley
    Mr. Brightside    The Killers
    Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
    Good Times    Chic
    Stayin’ ALIVE/DownUNDER.50cent    Jonny Trash MINIMIX
    People Everyday    Arrested Developement
    Kids    MGMT
    Pony    Geunuwine
    Paranoid    Black Sabbath
    Rock And Roll    Led Zeppelin
    Ooh La    The Kooks
    Wonderwall    Oasis
    Then He Kissed Me    The Crystals
    Sugar Sugar    The Archies
    Common People    Pulp
    Deelite/Guns N’ Roses Welcome to the jungle    Jonny Trash MINIMIX
    Rockin In The Free World    Neil Young
    Fat Joe - Lean Back   
    Are You Gonna Be My Girl    Jet
    Fell In Love With A Girl    The White Stripes
    Blitzkrieg Bop    The Ramones
    Dancing Queen    ABBA
    Young Folks     Peter Bjorn And John
    Under My Thumb    The Rolling Stones
    Rude Boy    Rihanna
    Float On    Modest Mouse
    Santeria    Sublime
    Hypnotize    The Notorious B.I.G.
    Uprising    Muse
    Smells Like Teen Spirit    Nirvana
    Summer Of 69    Bryan Adams
    Rasputin    Boney M.
    Louie Louie    The Kingsmen
    Push It    Salt-N-Pepa
    I Need A Dollar    Aloe Blacc
    9 To 5    Dolly Parton
    Valerie (Mark Ronson Version)    Amy Winehouse
    In Between Days (Original 12 inch  Version)    The Cure
    Black Nite Crash    Ride
    All That She Wants    Ace Of Base
    Electric Feel     MGMT
    Don’t Look Back In Anger    Oasis
    Bittersweet Symphony    The Verve
    Downtown    Petula Clark
    All You Need Is Love (2009 Stereo Remaster)    The Beatles
    Let’s Stay Together    Al Green
    Be My Baby    The Ronettes
    Express Yourself    Madonna
    Time To Go    Supergrass

    Song 2    Blur
    Intergalactic    Beastie Boys
    Sweet Soul Music    Arthur Conley
    Bohemian Rhapsody    Queen
    Harvest Moon    Neil Young

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  2. Fri/Sat #lastdance

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  3. #twitter love. Just Incredible. xxx

    The Trash
    Um, we might be trending. xxxx
    Ashley Wilson
    r.i.p. , you’ll be missed!!!
    first bar I ever went to in was and it made me love this city.
    The Ceilie
    "Ooh la, she was such a good girl to me." R.I.P.
    Meghan McDowell
    Last friday at still doesn’t seem real. Come send out the bar country style with tonight in the Attic!
    John Austin
    My first concert date with my wife was Sloan, 2005, . They have never sounded better than they did at the Trash.
    donald fraser
    used to mosh ‘til i dropped in the earliest days. fairwell . thanks for the cirrhosis and the good times.
    Met some great friends & had some amazing times (most of which I remember) at . PTBO won’t be the same without it. Bottoms up x
    bye , it’s been great <3
    Michael Hurcomb
    Congrats to the on a great run. Loved the Sunday Fundays I played and seeing there was amazing.
    Alyssa Nedich
    : “: first bar I ever went to in was and it made me love this city.” sameeeee!” me too!!!
    barbara labossiere
    Awww I’m gonna miss the . Guess tonight will b my last!
    Dani Stover
    Sydney Lupton
    will forever have a place in my little teenage heart. The only place that made me feel 100 percent comfortable with who I am <3
    Reed Neray
    So sad that the is closing! No more pita goggles after :( sadness :(
    Chad O’Rourke
    Even the weather is upset about closing.
    Many new comments coming in about people’s memories of
    Kerri Pollard
    was only my favourite bar in Pete..
    Danielle Nolan
    Devastated by the closing of the . I’ve been going there since I was 14 when they did all ages shows. Its been a blast <3
    Jacalyn Allison
    I think everyone should make this last weekend a bender!!!
    Andrew Finn
    @ Brings back memories, remember may? id say you should make it your business to go to the last night
    Katelyn Mulligan
    If I’m ever going to work through a hangover it might as well be tomorrow and sunday. TRASH WEEKENDER BENDER!
    Brodie Maksymetz
    140 characters are not enough to describe my love. Life changing experience. it’s been a privilege & an honor.
    Lucas G.
    Memories like crazy …. the best ever.
    BA Johnston
    the bar of my youth is closing. the place where i learned to drink jager is going to bar heaven. i will miss you sweet
    Babes have a heaven and a Mecca. They have a utopia. It’s called the . A place where babes have come into their own for 18yrs.
    ashleighanne ♔
    A piece of peterborough culture going out the window; rip  !
    Kandis Hall
    all my love xxxxx was an amazing place
    Keenan Brine
    it was great seeing and Matt Mays + El Torpedo in such a small venue! This place was a go-to bar for sure.
    Emily McSorley
    closing makes me question what I should even stay in ptbo for anymore.
    Laura Cherry
    Can’t believe it’s over. And super pissed I am out of town this weekend. Thanks for all the memories
    Jonathan Hall
    Myself and Mr. Watt will closing out the tomorrow night with an epic DJ set. No lie. Book the sitter, epic.
    The was my Dance Cave. Gutted to hear it’ll be gone next week.
    Lily Mills
    Spread the word! Tomorrow is Facebook profile pic at The Trash day!
    Tina R
    Disappointed 2 hear that in my hometown is closing. Gr8 memories, like seeing live & having a drink w/ them.
    Allie Matteson
    Becoming terribly depressed about being closed. Goal of the night: no water works!
    Amy H
    Sad to see it go…some of the best times of my life .
    Kathleen Ireland
    I spent my 19th …Retro Rules will forever be missed
    I remember the summer where we spent every Fri at the and used to buy full trays of shots.
    Alexx Horlings
    Sad that this will be my last weekend partying at <3 best place ever! The Cheers of nightclubs! I’m gunna miss it.
    M. Y.
    I’m going to miss you. I haven’t lived in Peterborough in a few years but I always thought I could come back to you!
    Morgan Doyle
    will be missed! Had some good times there including my 19th!
    Madison Riddolls
    i’ll be the drunk chick on crutches at all weekend… with any luck they’ll stay in coat check.. <3
    Jessa Chupik
    Goodbye to the last will miss you. I worked with and met the most wonderful people there.
    Adam Martignetti
    You guys, the isn’t closing. Its just becoming more exclusive. If you aren’t allowed in anymore, you know why.

    Trasheteria best bar ptbo has ever had. go hard in the paint this weekend ladies and gents @Dylan_wingemaxie Erin Maxfield

     I wish I was in PTBO to get completely hammed to celebrate 5 years of drinking-eligibility Trasheteria. Hands down the best bar. Ever.

     TCowle trasheteria Some of my best memories are from The Trash. Why aren’t people rallying to save it?? The ONLY good bar in Peterborough.

    jameshiggins JAMES HIGGINS Played shows, launched my drinking career, and promo’d my ass off. Stoked to be playing Trasheteria TheATTIC_PTBO on Saturday. Thank you!

    jennyautumn jenny a huge part of my university experience and last seven years of my life… i love you Trasheteria xoxo

    Tonya Cowle emaxie Did you hear? The trasheteria is closing this weekend. Those were the best dance/bar nights ever. 18years

    michaelcduguay michael duguay At the risk of sounding like a cheeseball, @Trasheteria has been an incredibly important and life-saving part of my life.

    AlanaCallan Alana Callan @michaelcduguay wow - just catching up with the news - sad for all @Trasheteria !!

    sydinaustralia Sydney Lupton Trasheteria i will forever miss you, Trasheteria :( 

    jacallison Jacalyn Allison Retro rules @Trasheteria kicked my ass last night, so fun. So many wonderful people

    theamazonian Ashley Holmes Thanks @Trasheteria and staff for being amazing as usual last night!

    jocedaboss16 Jocelyn Eakins @Trasheteria will always be my bar. Love the fam, love the place, love the people. Thanks again for another amazing retro rules:)

    mart1n_up Martin Plumley WAYYYYY Hungthefuckova from @Trasheteria. One hell of a night. But one hurtin mornin thank you Snow day. #snowday #fuckschool

    samx3shaw Sam Shaw Trent, thursday morning = waste land. Thanks @PigsEarTavern and @Trasheteria. #machinesatthegym

    Mike_Jorgie Michael Jorgensen good night at @Trasheteria , many good times there, gonna miss it ! breathestatic oh ashleigh

    Everyone in @Trasheteria tonight looked like they were having the best night of their lives tonight! xo.

    TinyDancerKzK Mike Boyle One night down sleep and then do it all again @Trasheteria god I’m going to miss this.

    ali_swagar Alicia Wagar Trasheteria - awesome night! Last retro wednesday <3 #sosad

    1EVER1 Geoff Eve @ @Trasheteria @gabriel_rl Is it true that the Trash is closing what is that all about?

    stevehancock Steve Hancock We are already lined up deep here @Trasheteria. What are you waiting for?!??!?!

    xtinahoffman Christina Hoffman I LOVEEEEE @Trasheteria omggggg #bestwedneadayevaaaa <3333

    @ldepape8: @StephMacG is joing us too! #honourarymemberof611" at of course the @Trasheteria

    TonyBest83 Tony Best @Trasheteria I’m so getting fucked up and losing some more memories at trash tonight. @The_Ted @HaileyBurkitt watch our for ginger love!

    khalilajram Khalil Ajram Fuck class #retrorule @Trasheteria

    meggmobb Meghan McDowell Bell sleeved mini lace dress, black suede friged cowboy boots #retrorules @Trasheteria @Trasheteria

    BenGPerry Ben Perry Fuck PCVS; #SaveTrash

    stairzey Kevin @funnyordie: No matter how bad your life gets it will never be as bad as the new Van Halen song. (via @Matt_Dwyer)” @jonnytrash teehee..x.

    HaileyBurkitt Hailey Burkitt Suggests everyone get gatoraid, advil & fast food plans for tomorrow in place because tonight’s gonna be a doozey! @trasheteria

    KayMully Katelyn Mulligan This is love/family/friends @Trasheteria. Let’s go crazy tonight! yfrog.com/mndjfxxj

    Trasheteria The Trash 52 weeks a year X 18 years = approx 936 retro nights X approx 200 kids per wed = 187,200. Let’s go w 187,000 #TrashRETRO memories. #cool

    TinyDancerKzK Mike Boyle First tattoo and its for the place I love most my cheers. @Trasheteria forever apart me on and in my memory. pic.twitter.com/TYmxrSsk Trasheteria The Trash

    Wednesday… tmblr.co/ZA9S3xEXez6e brodiemaksymetz Brodie MaksymetzGoin to trash again tonight, but you already knew that. Didn’t cha? ;)

    MorganMackey Morgan Mackey Everyone should come to @Trasheteria, good time guaranteed

    danninolan Danielle Nolan @TinyDancerKzK @Trasheteria I do believe in miracles! I do! I do!

    Trasheteria The Trash :)) RT @gabriel_rl: the @Trasheteria is part of me, its part of my canadian experience, its the place to be! :)

    Cody Voyer Me and the boys will be out tomorrow to say goodbye.

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  4. The Last Trash POP Night… #tonight

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  5. Thanks for everything you’ve done but now its time to go… 

    Well friends unfortunately this Saturday truly is last call for The Trasheteria.  Over the past 18 years we’ve averaged about 35 people at a time on staff and have been a proud part of the downtown nightlife community.  All staff throughout the years, thank you. You’re paramount to a small business and The Trash has had nothing but the best staff from day 1.  We will miss everyone immensely.  We regret nothing and wouldn’t change a thing, what a trip (we really should write a book).  A million or so of you have been through our doors over the past 18 years and danced the night away, done some patio schmoozing, checked out a band and escaped the mundane. Thank You.

    We loved our live gigs. Fiest played The Trash before she hit big with two of her prior bands, Sloan gave us indie RN’R goosebumps, Australia’s Powderfinger were mesmerizing, The Sadies psychedelic alt country made me a fan for life and The Cowboy Junkies made me sleepy, in a good way. Jordan Knight from ‘The New Kids On The Block’ Played to 100 middle aged women 6 months before reforming and selling out 2 nights at the ACC whilst 2 weeks before that ‘The Dayglo Abortions’ punk rocked all over the same stage. Gotta love it! To all the bands and even Jordan Knight (who i drove to Taco Bell), Thank you.

    It’s a great feeling to know that many a lasting relationship started at the Trash - bff’s, marriages, and even little Trasheteria babies! Heck, we’ve even seen a couple tattoos :) Makes us feel real good.

    However, We’ve run our course and its curtains for 123 Simcoe.

    There is interest and efforts in bringing ‘The Trash’ brand back in one way shape or form. Fingers crossed friends… We’ll leave it at that for now.

    To the kids that found comfort in our brand and really connected to the music our dj’s played and the gigs we booked, we thank you so much for the support over the years. Our loyal supporters - we love you, you know who you are - Keep on being beautifully weird and different, funky and cool, wild and courageous… Be safe out there and perhaps we’ll see you down that winding road.

    Much love, Retro Rules, Bye for now,


    We put together a little photo album over on our Facebook page of some of the best pictures from over the years, Please take a look and tag as many people as you can.

    xxx HERE

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  6. Where were you when we were getting high?

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  7. RETRO RULES. #tonight

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  8. Wednesday…

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  9. TMH


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  10. pop @trasheteria

    And you can dance
    For inspiration
    Come on
    I’m waiting

    Get into the groove
    Boy you’ve got to prove
    Your love to me, yeah
    Get up on your feet, yeah
    Step to the beat
    Boy what will it be

    Music can be such a revelation
    Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation
    We might be lovers if the rhythm’s right
    I hope this feeling never ends tonight

    Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free
    At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
    I’m tired of dancing here all by myself
    Tonight I wanna dance with someone else

    Gonna get to know you in a special way
    This doesn’t happen to me every day
    Don’t try to hide it love wears no disguise
    I see the fire burning in your eyes

    Live out your fantasy here with me
    Just let the music set you free
    Touch my body, move in tight
    Now I know you’re mine

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  11. Maybe maybe it’s the clothes we wear
    The tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair
    Maybe it’s our kookiness
    Or maybe maybe it’s our nowhere towns
    Our nothing places and our cellophane sounds
    Maybe it’s our looseness
    But we’re trash you and me
    We’re the litter on the breeze
    We’re the lovers on the streets
    Just trash me and you
    It’s in everything we do
    It’s in everything we do…
    Maybe maybe it’s the things we say,
    The words we’ve heard and the music we play,
    Maybe it’s our cheapness,
    Or maybe, maybe it’s the times we’ve had,
    The lazy days and the crazes and the fads,
    Maybe it’s our sweetness,
    But we’re trash, you and me,
    We’re the litter on the breeze,
    We’re the lovers on the street,
    Just trash, me and you,
    It’s in everything we do,
    It’s in everything we do…

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  12. #rr @trasheteria

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  13. New Years…

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  14. POP4.

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  15. Trash POP

    Pop Hits Galore…

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